About Jaci's Box
Journalist and broadcaster Jaci Stephen has purchased a corporate hospitality box at Cardiff Arms Park, home to Cardiff Blues rugby team. Entertaining players, celebrities and friends, Jaci will be broadcasting interactive interviews, competitions and general fun live on her website, jacisbox.co.uk (and related sites).The website will also be building up an archive of interviews with celebrities from around the country, together with exclusive footage from the sets of television drama and soap.

Jaci's own television review columns from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday will also be appearing on the site in Soapbox and Big Box, together with other television-related features and interviews. In Box Office, you will be able to view Jaci's own home movie footage. Future attractions include Chatterbox, where viewers will be able to talk online, both textually and via the webcam; and, for the lonely hearts, there will be video-dating opportunities.

Jaci's Box is a new entertainment package that gives people the opportunity to share a unique experience, not only through rugby and Cardiff's club, but the world of entertainment as a whole, giving surfers extended access to the lives of their favourite personalities. Stars already booked for Jaci's Box include Simon Cowell, Rob Brydon and Paul McKenna. The Box opened for business on Friday 29th October, when the Blues met Stade Francais in the Heineken Cup.

First in Jaci's Box was ex-Coronation Street star and now star of Belonging, Charlie Dale, who appeared with other members of the cast of Belonging. Jaci Stephen Tuesday 29th October 2004