16th December 2006
I’m getting quite exhausted by all this running around, knocking on people’s doors. Dan was at Amanda’s door at least three times this week, demanding that she punish Belle for her wayward behaviour. The cops walked the equivalent of at least one marathon as they went back and fore to Dan’s, Amanda’s, the station and the gym. On Monday they are kept busier still, as they follow up the allegations that Tara has made against Kim, and on Tuesday Kim is told that he cannot leave Summer Bay until the indecent assault trial.

The police have to embark on another walking spree on Wednesday, when they turn up to arrest Robbie on a charge of Conduct Occasioning Death, relating to Graham. Tasha, meanwhile, is struggling to come to terms with being a new mum. Still, at least she has had her eyebrows plucked a little and her face looks marginally less like a resting place for tired caterpillars.

9th December 2006
Weeks and weeks we had to endure the ridiculous
storyline about Mumma Rose and her absurd followers,
and it’s back with a vengeance on Monday when Martha,
who has escaped the lunatic’s clutches, reveals to
Robbie and the cops that Tasha is still captive. I’m
never happier than when Tasha is out of the picture,
but how much more must the girl be forced to endure?
Charity confirms on Tuesday that unless Tasha has a
Caesarean, she will died, so Mumma Rose insists that
Jonathan bring her doctor to perform the operation.
There is then a lot of nonsense involving Rachel
(Jonathan kidnapped the wrong doctor – you see? It
gets worse) before the cops get there. Who cares.

2nd December 2006
Oh, for goodness sake, this is ridiculous. How much
can one woman take? Martha’s wedding reception was
interrupted by a gas explosion, her honeymoon was
spent being trapped in the bush, and now, on Tuesday,
she is kidnapped by Mumma Rose – again. On top of all
this, she appears to have acquired about another half
a dozen teeth. The worst of it is, Mumma chains her up
with Tasha, whose hair now looks even more like the
bush than the bush does.
On Friday the pair are still bound together, and
Robbie is suspicious when he gets an engaged signal on
the phone. Mumma Rose, meanwhile, says that she has
come for the baby, which she claims, belongs to the
Believers. She tries to force Tasha to drink a
mysterious glass of liquid . . . Er, haven’t we been
here before?
The other thing that is driving me nuts (apart from
Tasha, whose mere presence has me foaming at the
mouth) is how everyone has taken to calling each other
“guys”. It’s always been a feature of Aussie drama,
but is now way out of control. Mattie: “Where are you
guys going? . . . Hey, you guys . . . “ Robbie: “Hi,
guys . . . “ It’s taking up about half the script
which, in the absence of any decent plot at the
moment, may be no bad thing.

25th November 2006

How many fires can one town survive? No sooner has
everyone recovered from the explosion at Jack and
Martha’s wedding than they discover that there is a
pyromaniac in Summer Bay. On Monday Jack and
Fitzgerald decide to have another chat with Drew, who
is still a strong suspect, and on Tuesday he is also
suspected of being a thief.
Belle makes another move on Ric on Tuesday, but on
Wednesday, following his rejection of her, she turns
to Amanda for comfort. When she takes it one step
further and decides to move in with her, it leaves
Irene devastated.
There is bad news for Kim on Thursday, when he
discovers that he has mumps. Great. Let’s hope we’ll
see him having plenty of bed baths while he recovers.
The locals’ penchant for leaving their doors
unlocked proves deadly again on Friday, when Tasha
arrives at the Beach House to find the door ajar.
Inside, there is a face from her past – Mumma Rose.
Oh, please, not all that nonsense again.