9th Decmber 2006
There was great jollity at London’s Covent Garden
Hotel, where EastEnders revealed its Christmas
storylines. As always, we can look forward to a not
very merry Christmas for at least one character and
scenes that will bring tears to our eyes with the
sheer sentimentality of it all. Don’t rule out fake
snow, a full moon and shots taken from that overhead
crane they wheel out at this time of year, either.
We’ll be finding out in the New Year why Hollyoaks’
Kris (Gerry McCarthy) became a cross dresser. He has
fast become one of the show’s best and most
entertaining characters, so I hope there is nothing
too traumatic in his past. Couldn’t he just be a bloke
who was dragged around Miss Selfridge too much by his
mum when he was a kid?
It’s goodbye to Home and Away’s Kim on 27th December,
when he leaves the Bay for the city. Oh, no! Who’s
going to be getting his kit off for the girls now?

2nd December 2006

Beware the producer’s wrath if you are getting too big
for your boots. Hollyoaks’ Bryan Kirkwood, who can be
credited with transforming the show, has given a rap
over the knuckles to Chris Fountain and Devon
Anderson, who play Justin and Sonny, respectively.
Both have been docked an episode, following run-ins
with the boss. Be careful, lads: this is great gig.
Don’t let your egos cloud your talent. There are
thousands waiting – and able – to take your places.
Also in Hollyoaks, viewers can look forward to the
return of Mandy, coming back for two episodes in
February. Bet she won’t be surprised to see that
estranged husband Tony is still only serving roughly
three customers a week in Il Gnosh.
Best wishes to Emmerdale’s Elizabeth Estensen (Diane
Sugden), whose plotlines are having to revolve around
the fact that she broke a bone in her foot, running
across the studio floor. Not chasing Jack, we can

25th November 2006
EastEnders is never better than when Ross Kemp and
Steve McFadden (Grant and Phil Mitchell) are paired
up, and Barbara Windsor (Peggy Mitchell) is determined
to get Kemp back. Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace
(Alfie and Kat Moon) have also been talking about
returning – possibly in a spin-off. I just wish they’d
all hurry up.
Congratulations to Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy, who
is expecting her second child with partner Mungo
Denison. It coincides with the news that her
character, Laurel Thomas, is also expecting. For
Ashley and Laurel, however, the path to motherhood
looks set to run less than smoothly.
Ex-Coronation Street star Julie Goodyear claims that
her boyfriend, Scott Brand, proposes to her every day.
Yeah. Proposes that she take herself off to the
hairdresser and not return looking like a martian. And
former Coronation Street star Ray Fearon (Nathan
Harding) is reportedly dating model Elle Macpherson.
What was wrong with me, Ray?