16th December 2006
There are some weird things the residents of Erinsborough have done, but on Wednesday Susan takes the biscuit when she hires a pet psychologist to sort out the competitive aggression in Karl and Audrey’s once harmonious relationship.

Sky’s wedding plans are in full throttle, but her desire for a kitsch occasion worries Dylan on Thursday and he has to remind her of the real reason they are getting married.

9th December 2006
Does anyone ever know the true identity of any woman’s
baby in Erinsborough? There is more mystery again on
Tuesday, when Izzy tells Susan that the father of her
baby is an insignificant nobody. As Izzy disappears on
a bus to her new life, we discover that the father is
none other than . . . Karl!

2nd December 2006
Will Paul ever manage to behave like a normal human
being? On Tuesday he returns from Cameron’s funeral
and convinces a worried Lyn that he’s fine. The
reality, however, is that he is planning revenge on
Max and has now acquired a gun. On Wednesday, even
with the threat of being shot, Max offers nothing but
understanding, and Paul realises that nothing will
ever bring his son back. Altogether, now. Ahhhhhhhh.
There is more forgiveness on Friday, when, having
been furious over Sky’s bad mouthing of Karl, Susan
listens to her point of view when she expresses her
love for Dylan.

25th November 2006

There is a lot of moralising on Monday, when Paul vows
to become a better man if Cameron recovers. When he
wakes, Cameron starts planning their future together,
and for Paul it’s an important lesson in the nature of
forgiveness. It doesn’t last after he hears of
Cameron’s death on Wednesday.
Also on Monday, Toadie is giving Katya a lesson
about the ways her actions have adversely affected