16th December 2006

1. In which soap did new Dr Who assistant Freema Agyeman appear?

2. What did Coronation Street’s Ryan nickname Norris on his graffiti?

3. What food did Dot leave on Pauline’s doorstep on Friday?

4. Pal Aron is joining Coronation Street at Christmas, but who did he play the first time round?

5. Who did Emmerdale’s Jimmy mistake for Kelly when he pounced on Wednesday?

6. Which famous chat show host’s mother has been fired from EastEnders for leaking information about the show?

7. Which Home and Away building was torched this week?

8. How much did Hollyoaks’ Steph get for judging the Hunks and Trunks competition on Monday?

9. What is the name of the bank where EastEnders’ Bradley works?

10. What would happen to Tasha if she had anything but a Caesarean to deliver her baby?

1. Crossroads. The motel was a darn sight weirder than any Tardis.

2. Noz. It’s an improvement on Norris.

3. Beef stew. Personally, I’d have left it over her head.

4. Sunita’s brother, Jayesh Parekh. This time round, he pulls Michelle. Make sure you’re wearing your armour, mate.

5. Emily. Easily done. Not.

6. Jonathan Ross’s. I’m sure he’ll be able to supplement her coffers with a slice of his £18 million BBC deal.

7. The surf club. Those cops are even more incompetent than the ones in Emmerdale.

8. £500, minus Darren’s 30% commission. I’d have done it for free.

9. Eichel. What? Not Plonkers R Us?

10. She would die. Result!

9th December 2006

1. How much is Coronation Street’s Gail planning to
spend on a car for David?

2. What was the name of the man EastEnders’ Evie
brought her daughter up to believe was her father?

3. By how many people did staff outnumber customers
Hollyoaks’ Il Gnosh this week?

4. Why has Home and Away’s Mumma Rose come back?

5. What special sweet did Coronation Street’s Audrey
defrost for Bill Webster?


1. £150. Nothing can be worse than his last car
experience – a Hillman.

2. George. Wouldn’t you have, if the alternative had
been Bert.

3. Three to none. Even by their standards, that’s
going it some.

4. For Tasha’s baby. Any chance she could take the
mother at the same time?

5. Apart from herself, a Black Forest gateau.

2nd December 2006

1. How much is the fish and chips special in Roy’s
Rolls in Coronation Street?

2. To which Dusty Springfield song was EastEnders’
Pauline listening when she came out of hospital?

3. What animal died while under Paddy’s care this week
in Emmerdale?

4. With what illness was Home and Away’s Kim diagnosed
this week?

5. What was the extra ingredient Hollyoaks’ Will had
added to Zoe’s pizza?


1. £3.25. A tenner back if you manage to eat it.

2. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. Don’t worry.
They won’t. They don’t.

3. A sheep. Two for the price of one mutton curries at
the pub again, then.

4. Mumps. Hmm. Or just Rachel finding yet another
excuse to get her hands around his neck?

5. Anchovies. And he still wanted to kiss her? Pass
the sick bag.

25th November 2006


1. Which EastEnders actor made his TV debut in The
Bill in his boxer shorts?

2. What score did Coronation Street’s Janice get to
win the darts match on Wednesday?

3. Which ex-Emmerdale star teamed up with Brendan Cole
for the current series of Strictly Come Dancing?

4. Where did EastEnders’ Phil and Stella go for their
first proper date?

5. From what is Home and Away’s Matilda suffering?


1. Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning). Please, no
repeat performance, thanks.

2. Double 20. Given her alcohol intake, it was a
miracle she could see the board.

3. Claire King (Kim Tate). Unlike her onscreen men,
Brendan lived to tell the tale.

4. Fargo’s, of course. Is there any other restaurant?

5. Gormless Syndrome? Actually, a stomach ulcer.